Here are the shows we posted this week!

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Bullshit Filter 4.2  – Antivax (Part 2)

On this episode we take a look at the History Of Vaccinations & the story of Andrew Wakefield.

Renaissance Times 49 – Rise Of The Medici (Part XI)

Albizzi tries to get the Signoria to pass the death sentence on Cosimo. Meanwhile, Cosimo waits nervously for his brother Lorenzo, Niccolo da Tolentino and his mercenaries to rescue him from his cell, while expecting his execution to come at any time.

QAV S01E07 – Yield Curve Inversion

What is a “yield curve inversion” and how does it factor into warnings of a possible recession? Tony explains his views on the subject. 

Life Of Tiberius #25 – The Battle For Thrace

The one about the military situation during Tibbo’s reign, Jesus murdering a herd of pigs in cold blood, Rhescuporis and Cotys battle for Thrace, Uppity Softy, Uppity Pussylips and Pappy Sabs – and Camerinus.