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Lots of people talk about social media and content marketing – we actually produce Top 100 and profitable podcasts because we’ve spent over ten years and 10,000 hours studying our craft.


The Bullshit Filter launched in February 2017. Instead of talking about ancient or 20th century history, Cam & Ray are going to tackle some of the big headline issues of today. Keeping their unique style of going deep on facts, providing balance and different perspectives on the main players and their motivations, and combining it with the sense of humour of a fifteen-year-old private school dropout, the boys are going to help you get your head around the issues that take up the headlines. Can your fake news make it through our BULLSHIT FILTER?


We launched our Cold War podcast in March 2016. Hosts Cameron Reilly and Ray Harris Jr are trying to reveal the actual facts behind the confrontation between the USSR and the USA that nearly lead to the end of the human race. Did it really end in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Empire? Or are the underlying causes still operating today? This is another history podcast that combines attention to detail with lots of laughs.


On our new podcast series, Ray and I will be making our way through my 2011 book “The Three Illusions” – a guide to using a basic understanding of science and some common sense to rid yourself of anger, guilt, anxiety, fear and emotional pain. In five episodes, we examine the illusions of free will, time and identity.

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We launched Life Of Alexander The Great in December 2014. Hosts Cameron Reilly and Ray Harris Jr are back telling the story of the greatest empire builder in human history. This is another history podcast that combines attention to detail with lots of laughs. After Alexander dies (spoilers!), we continued with the life after Alexander, also known as “The Wars Of The Successors” or “The Wars Of The Diadochi”. Learn how Alexander’s massive empire fell into 40 years of bloodshed in a Macedonian civil war.

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We launched Life Of Caesar in December 2013. Hosts Cameron Reilly (co-founder of The Podcast Network, co-host of the much loved Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast) and Ray Harris Jr (host of the also much-loved WWII Podcast) have joined forces to tell the story of one of history’s most famous personalities. This is a history podcast the likes of which you’ve never heard before. When we were forced to kill off Big Julie, we continued the story with his adopted son, AUGUSTUS CAESAR.


After the assassination of Julius Caesar, his adopted son and heir, the 18 year old Octavian, was thrust into a sudden position of wealth… and a new name. But it didn’t come with any power. Faced with opponents like Mark Antony, Cicero, Brutus and Cassius, what kind of chance did this inexperienced country bumpkin have? Somehow he managed to defeat everyone and manage the final dissolution of the old, corrupt and ineffective Roman Republic. This is his story.

Oldies But Goodies

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Cameron Reilly talks to marketing experts to pick their brains about how to market your business with authenticity and integrity.

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Starting in November 2004, with the first podcast EVER produced in Australia (and it was also the first podcast ever recorded on Skype anywhere in the world), Cameron Reilly produced over 400 podcasts on technology, science, philosophy and politics. The show was originally called “G’Day World” and then re-branded to “No Illusions”. Check out the archives for interviews with everyone from Noam Chomsky to Ray Kurzweil, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Leo Sayer.

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Join the President of the International Napoleonic Society, Sir J. David Markham, and Cameron Reilly, as they walk you through the entire history of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French. Was he a warmongerer or the first self-made man?

Produced between 2005 and 2008, this is one of the original history podcasts, has 60 episodes, almost 100 hours of content.



We launched The Podcast Network back in the dawn of podcasting.

In November 2004, we launched G’DAY WORLD, the first Australian podcast.

In February 2005, we launched THE PODCAST NETWORK (TPN), the world’s very first “podcast network”.

We did pretty well for a few years. By 2007 we had 100 shows in production and over 500,000 listeners.

But then the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008 and all of our advertisers disappeared almost overnight. We struggled on for a few more years but the TPN servers went dark on 19 June 2012. Unfortunately, that meant most of the TPN shows have permanently gone to podcast valhalla.

In August 2014 I decided to re-boot TPN, due to the unexpected runaway success of LIFE OF CAESAR.

In December 2014, we launched THE LIFE OF ALEXANDER podcast, one of the first 100%  premium subscriber podcasts in history (AFAIK).



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An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.

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Over the last year, I’ve had a lot of people suggest that I should set up a forum for chatting about topics from the podcasts.

I wasn’t convinced – “Isn’t Facebook enough?”, I’d ask.

“We hate Facebook,” you said. “It’s not great for long threaded discussions.” And you’re right about that.

So yesterday I set up the TPN Forum. If you don’t know what “TPN” is, that stands for “The Podcast Network”, the entity through which I produce the Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon and several other podcasts.

Anyway, if a forum to talk about history and politics and other things sounds like something you’d be interested in, jump on over to the TPN FORUM. If you hit any bugs, shoot me an email.


How To Make Money From Podcasting


Cameron Reilly has been podcasting since 2004. He launched the world’s first podcast network in February 2005. He’s sold advertising and premium subscriptions. This is his guide to making an income out of podcasting for people who aren’t big celebrities.


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