TPN Podcasts for Week 20, 2019

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The Red Scare continues. In 1939, Martin Dies Jr claimed that the Justice Department was investigating 2,850 known communists in government and that FDR had ordered a purge of all those named. But it was all a disinformation campaign launched by Hoover. The President hadn’t ordered a purge – but he HAD secretly ordered Hoover to make a list. As it turned out, the list included Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, Mrs. James Roosevelt (FDR’s mother), and other prominent figures close to the President were listed as financial contributors to two or more of the suspect groups. And then one member of the Dies Committee accused Eleanor Roosevelt of being part of the Communist Fifth Column.

Our guest today is Joe Barberis. Joe’s had a high powered corporate career, including stints as the MD of Officeworks and Coles Express, as well as running Shell Australia. Today he’s talking to us about his investment strategies, as well as his thoughts on the future of retail and energy markets in Australia… and corporate psychopaths. 

Tacitus seems to think Sejanus was the manipulator of Tiberius and that Sejanus wanted the power for himself. But of course he has things in his way. Drusus, the adult son of Tiberius, who is about 37. And Drusus also had sons of his own. Tiberius Gemellus and his twin brother, Tiberius Germanicus II Gemellus, are about 4 years old. And the real heir to Augustus is Nero Julius Caesar – Germanicus’ eldest son. So something has to be done about them.

We wrap up our antivax mini-series by looking at another antivax claim: “All vaccines contain a number of toxic poisons and chemicals that are linked to serious neurological damage”. We talk about Robert Kennedy Jr, thimerosal, and the difference between methyl vs ethyl mercury.

TPN Podcasts for Week 19, 2019

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The return of Cosimo de Medici! On 5 October, 1434, Cosimo arrived at his villa outside Florence and stopped for some food. The Signoria sent him a message begging him NOT to arrive that day, because they thought it would cause a riot. So he sneaks in at night and goes straight to visit the Pope. Rinaldo degli Albizzi, his sons and descendants were all banished from Florence, as were many families of the oligarchy. The Medici family rule supreme. But, like Augustus Caesar 1450 year earlier, Cosimo tries to appear like a normal citizen and keeps up the appearances of the Republic. He’s not it in for personal glory. He just wants political stability, safety for his family and, most of all – to make money. 

Today we discuss the collapse of Apollo Tourism’s share price; the recent Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting and Tony relates the time he attended the Berkshire AGM a few years ago; the trouble with bank shares at the moment; and then we analyse this week’s stock, Mitchell Services (MSV).

According to Tacitus, 23 CE is the turning point in Tiberius’s reign. He blames it on Lucius Aelius Sejanus. Suetonius, on the other hand, blames Sejanus on Tiberius. On this episode, we tell the story of the rise of Sejanus – the man who ruined Rome. 

Let’s look at another two antivax claims: that the very first vaccine was a disaster and that vaccines are highly profitable for pharmaceutical companies and the health care industry.

TPN Podcasts for Week 18, 2019

Here are the shows we posted this week!

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By April 1434, six months after Cosimo de Medici’s banishment, the people were turning against Rinaldo degli Albizzi. Even the banking families weren’t supporting him, not sure he could be around much longer. According to Cosimo, nobody could be persuaded to fill the city treasury ‘with so much as a pistachio nut’. He was so unpopular, that supporters of Cosimo were elected to all 8 seats on the Signoria and a Medici business partner from the wool guild even ended up as gonfaloniere. Albizzi first tried to prevent them from taking office, then relents on one condition – they swear not to bring back the Medici. And they so swear. With their fingers crossed behind their backs.

Myer Holdings (MYR) is an Australian department store group with a network of 62 stores across Australia. How does their company stack up to the QAV checklist? Listen and find out. 

As Red Fever grew in the United States in the 1930s, Herbert Hoover asked J. Edgar Hoover to help him blame the Bonus March of 1932 on the Communists. In August 1936, FDR invited JEH to the White House to discuss “subversive activities”. Hoover told him the biggest threat to America was an Australian – International Longshoremen and Warehousemen union President Harry Bridges. So FDR secretly authorized the FBI to conduct non-criminal “intelligence” investigations. The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA aka the Dies Committee, as it was run by Democrat Martin Dies of Texas) was created as a temporary committee of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1938, mainly as a way to undermine the New Deal and the labor movement by investigating Communist influence in them. It changed America forever.

We’re still breaking down antivax claim number 2 from last time and dealing with the claims that “Whenever the outbreaks are examined more closely, the data show that the majority of those suffering have been vaccinated for the disease. Disease charts show that diseases were mostly eliminated prior to the creation of vaccinations. What is truly responsible for most communicable disease elimination is clean water and improved sanitation.”