TPN Podcasts for Week 16, 2019

Here are the shows we posted this week!

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BFTN 42 – Julian Assange

On this episode we discuss the arrest of Julian Assange, break down a recent NYT story about him, and look at other various bits of disinformation that people are blindly repeating.

Bullshit Filter – Antivax 4.3

I went looking for a list of claims antivaxxers use NOT to vaccinate. Today we’ll look at the first two. 

Claim #1. Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective.

Claim #2. Vaccines do NOT work.

Cold War #115 – Red Scare Part 1

The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was created in 1938 to investigate alleged disloyalty and subversive activities on the part of private citizens, public employees, and those organizations suspected of having Communist ties. HUAC is best remembered for the Alger Hiss case and the Hollywood blacklists. But the American fear of socialism and communism pre-dates HUAC by a century. In large part, it was rooted in RWG’s trying to prevent social progress. It also had some racist elements.  After the Russian Revolution, Americans went to Russia to fight for the Monarchy. In 1919, there was the Overman Committee, a senate subcommittee to investigate Bolshevism in the United States.

QAV S01E08 – Our First Buy!

Apollo Tourism & Leisure is a multi-national company focused on manufacturing, rental, sales and distribution of a range of RVs including motorhomes, campervans and caravans. How does their company stack up to the QAV checklist? It turned out to be our first buy! 

Tiberius #26 – Florus, Sacrovir & the Frisii

In 21 there was a revolt by a number of Gallic tribes under the leadership of Julius Florus and Julius Sacrovir.  And in 28, there was another revolt. This time by the Germanic Frisii tribe – all because their cows weren’t large enough. 

TPN Podcasts for Week 15, 2019

Here are the shows we posted this week!

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Bullshit Filter 4.2  – Antivax (Part 2)

On this episode we take a look at the History Of Vaccinations & the story of Andrew Wakefield.

Renaissance Times 49 – Rise Of The Medici (Part XI)

Albizzi tries to get the Signoria to pass the death sentence on Cosimo. Meanwhile, Cosimo waits nervously for his brother Lorenzo, Niccolo da Tolentino and his mercenaries to rescue him from his cell, while expecting his execution to come at any time.

QAV S01E07 – Yield Curve Inversion

What is a “yield curve inversion” and how does it factor into warnings of a possible recession? Tony explains his views on the subject. 

Life Of Tiberius #25 – The Battle For Thrace

The one about the military situation during Tibbo’s reign, Jesus murdering a herd of pigs in cold blood, Rhescuporis and Cotys battle for Thrace, Uppity Softy, Uppity Pussylips and Pappy Sabs – and Camerinus.

What We’re Talking About 2019-04-05

Here are the shows we posted this week!

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Bullshit Filter 4.1  – Antivax (Part 1)

Today we start a short series on THE ANTIVAX MOVEMENT. On the first episode we have a discussion about why people believe what they believe. Where do we get our knowledge? What sources do we trust? In other words, it’s all about epistemology and heuristics.

Cold War 114  – Operation Lea

Finally, on Oct 7, 1947, the French made their offensive into the Viet Bac region: Operation Léa – aka Princess Leia. So-called because it was a smart, feisty, brave diplomat and warrior of a plan. But because he had less troops than he wanted, Valluy scaled down his plans.  General Raoul Salan, the guy in charge of the operation, predicted it would all be over in three weeks. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED AGAIN.  The Vietminh faded quietly into the jungle. Meanwhile Bao Dai talks to the French about forming an alternative government.

Renaissance Times 48 – Rise Of The Medici (Part X)

Florence’s war with Lucca was like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. It set off a string of conflicts across northern Italy. When Cosimo gets back to the city, he finds it in chaos and broke. So he bails it out. And then he gets arrested.

QAV S01E06 – Reflections On Sammo

Tony reflects and expands on a couple of ideas that came out on last week’s show with Steve Sammartino.