We launched The Podcast Network back in the dawn of podcasting.

In November 2004, we launched G’DAY WORLD, the first Australian podcast.

In February 2005, we launched THE PODCAST NETWORK (TPN), the world’s very first “podcast network”.

We did pretty well for a few years. By 2007 we had 100 shows in production and over 500,000 listeners. One of those, The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast, was the world’s first long-form podcast, telling Napoleon’s story over ~60 hour-long episodes.

But then the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008 and all of our advertisers disappeared almost overnight. We struggled on for a few more years but the TPN servers went dark on 19 June 2012. Unfortunately, that meant many of the TPN shows have permanently gone to podcast Valhalla.

In August 2014 I decided to re-boot TPN, due to the unexpected runaway success of LIFE OF CAESAR.

In December 2014, we launched THE LIFE OF ALEXANDER podcast, one of the first 100%  premium subscriber podcasts in history (AFAIK).