Based on an email from one of our QAV Club members, this week Tony shares his views on the various investing tax structures. We also talk about how we’re managing the dummy portfolio. And in our QAV Club analysis section this week, we’re looking at IFN.

Americans were told that the invasion by North Korea was a total surprise. It was positioned as another Pearl Harbour. But this isn’t exactly true. They must have known it was coming and when it was coming. They just chose to ignore it. Why? Who stood to benefit from the invasion?

The death of Agrippina came soon after that of her son. There are more majestas trials, trouble with the Parthians, and, despite the assurance from his favourite astrologer that he had many years left, Tiberius addresses his own mortality. With Drusus dead, the only remaining heirs to the throne were Gemellus, son of Drusus, and Gaius, son of Germanicus – aka Caligula.

After Mao died in the mid 70s, Deng Xiaoping argued that a country can’t jump straight from feudalism to socialism, and he started to reform the economy, by setting up experiments which involved loosening the controls on the market.