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On our podcasts this week we talked about interest rate cuts and the Australian economy; South Korean news reports about North Korean executions; how Poggio financed his book hunting trips; and how Sejanus tried to convince Tiberius to sweep the leg.

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On this episode, we talk about the RBA dropping interest rates and other signs the economy is weakening and what that means for investing. We also talk about how shorting the market works as an investment tool. And our stock of the week is Eclipx, a vehicle leasing company that has recently had a bump to its price.

Should we believe South Korean news reports about North Korean executions? Should we believe reports about marijuana-related illness and deaths? Should we believe American reports about Iran’s nuclear ambitions?

It’s the year 24 CE. Sejanus is trying to convince Tiberius that the sky is falling. His advice: sweep the leg.

So back to January 1417. Poggio made a number of book hunting trips that winter. So he must have had a lot of funding from back home. In fact, Bruni wrote to him, saying “keep going, don’t worry about the cost, I’ll cover them all, just find more books” On this trip, he had with him a companion, another apostolic secretary from Constance, Bartolomeo de Aragazzi.