QAV 445 – Jiggery Pokery

This week we’re talking about our top three stocks from last week (PRU, BFG, CVL), SHJ (the quiet sleeper), why you shouldn’t innovate until you’re a QAV black belt, why we should NOT filter Price-to-Operating Cash Flow < 7 (whoops), and why Rule #1 is important.

In the Club edition, we talk about the stocks of the week (WGX, ABA), the failed GCY acquisition (by WGX), the mistakes Tony heard on another investing podcast, whether or not directors taking large positions in their own company deserves extra credit, the weird CBA sell line, MAD’s weird share capital numbers, IHVV’s returns, the MQG SPP, Tony’s experience with LIC returns, and how much real estate is enough.

NERO 21 – Promiscuous Thong

When Nero talks about going to Greece, to take his one-man theatre show on the road, the Romans complain. They don’t want him to leave! So he decided to show them how much he loves them  by throwing the craziest party ever seen in Rome. And that’s really saying something.

Renaissance 134 – The Lune

One year of Leonardo! Can you believe it? Leonardo was never short of obsessions. In this episode we talk about his obsessions with the “Lune Of Hippocrates”, and other mathematical puzzles. He wasn’t very good at maths, but watching him try to use his strengths to solve these problems is a fascinating insight into the way a genius thinks.