Here are the shows we posted this week!

Life Of Tiberius 23 – Gold Of Tolosa

TIbbo bans the Druids and loves to sit in on court cases, giving his opinion on the guilt or innocence of the accused, even when nobody asked him. We go into some details on the origins of the Maiestas laws, which leads us to talk about the Gold of Tolosa. Amazing story!

Cold War 112 – Keyser Ho-Ze

Ho Chi Minh and his team disappear into the jungle north of Hanoi. The French think they have won. George Marshall dithers. 

BFTN 40 – Christchurch Shooting

This show is all about the mosque shooting in Christchurch, the rise of Islamophobia in Australia and the role of the media and Christianity in that rise.

QAV S01E04 – Analysing Telstra

Telstra is Australia’s largest telco. How does it look inside Tony’s QAV worksheet? Listen and find out.