Mega Bundle

We have a lot of people emailing us asking if they can buy the mega bundle – one annual subscription fee to all of our shows. And the answer is GIVE US YOUR MONEY.

The sticker price for each of the shows currently:
  • The Original Julius Caesar Series $60 p.a
  • Alexander The Great $60 p.a
  • Napoleon (Cameron & David Markham, not Ray) $10 once off
  • Cold War $60 p.a
  • Renaissance $60 p.a
  • Bullshit Filter $12 p.a
So normally you’d be looking at $260 (USD) for all of them. If you want to do a bulk deal, I’ll knock 25% off the sticker price. So $195 USD. How does that sound? If you want to go ahead, you can PayPal the funds to [email protected], let me know (email the same address) when that’s done, and I’ll start the wheels turning. I’ll manually set you up with accounts for each show. You’ll have enough dirty history to keep you going until your brain melts.

Just like with normal podcasts, you’ll be able to subscribe to our premium series in iTunes or most podcast mobile apps, plus you’ll be able to stream and download them from any browser (for the people over 70 who aren’t quite sure how to get these new-fangled thingamejiggas workin’ a’properly).