Tito started his campaigning in the middle of 1941, after Operation Barbarossa had distracted the Nazis away from Yugoslavia. He met with the Chetnik leader Draza Mihajlovic to try to form a unified front. In Užice, a town of some 12,000 inhabitants, Tito proclaimed a symbolic ‘Red Republic’ boasting its own hotel, bank, factories, newspaper and prison.

Stephen Mayne is one of Australia’s best known and most feared shareholder activists. He’s also the founder of Crikey, a writer for InvestSmart and claims to own the world’s biggest small share portfolio: 500 holdings worth less than $30,000. He came on today to chat about capital raisings and shareholder activism.

Botticelli’s first painting of a non-religious subject was FORTITUDE, 1470. It’s considered his first masterpiece. He then explored other stories like The Return of Judith to Bethulia from the Old Testament and St Sebastian, an early Christian saint and martyr, his first truly SEXY painting. He then turned to the stories from Greco-Roman antiquity and the poetry of his friend Poliziano for inspiration, leading his way to painting his own version of Apelles’ ‘Aphrodite Anadyomene’, The Birth Of Venus.

Andrew Hout has a degree in history and lives just outside of Columbus in Ohio. We talk about why Americans are so angry and entitled.

TK talks me through how to re-evaluate the watchlist when we are ready to buy something and then we answer your questions about the recently added Stock Doctor filters (SDMax, Financial Health Trend, etc), the GEAR buy last week, how much time Tony spends on his portfolio each day and the pros and cons of having a portfolio of only 10 stocks instead of 20.

I want to focus for a few weeks on the current US protests and riots which started with the death by cop of George Floyd. I’ve invited a number of American friends and fans who live in riot hotspots to come on and share with me their experiences and views on how the country can move forwards. But I’m starting the miniseries with my favourite American – my wife, Chrissy Dunaway Reilly. She has lived in Australia for nearly eleven years and has a fairly rare perspective on what it’s like to be an American living in a Western country that is similar in many ways – and yet different. And why she no longer wants to return to the country of her birth.

We go back to the beginnings of Botticelli’s career as a solo artist to examine his progression from Lippi’s apprentice to becoming the breakthrough Renaissance artist. We start by putting some of his early Madonna and Child paintings under the microscope including the Virgin and Child with an Angel, Madonna of the Rose Garden, Madonna della Loggia and The Virgin and Child with Two Angels.

On the last morning of his life, Caligula entered the temporary theatre on the Palatine in a good mood. The conspirators attacked him in a narrow corridor, on his way back to the palace during the lunch break between performances. The lead conspirator, the praetorian guard Chaerea, stabbed Caligula in the neck, shouting “hoc age” – TAKE THAT! Then he was set upon by a crowd of assassins. Then they brutally murdered his wife and child. The assassins searched for Claudius to bump him off too – but he couldn’t be found.

Today “St Anthony” answers your questions, reveals the true cost of sending kids to private school, and explains how he approaches raising a wealthy child.

Mike Snyder, long-time podcast listener, security professional and self-confessed libertarian, Fox News watcher and conspiracy theorist, joined us for a two hour chat today about his fears around the coming of the One World Government, the New World Order, Covid conspiracies, and many other fun topics.

Our guest this week is Michael Dee from Pythagoras Investing – https://www.pythagorasinvesting.com/qav/. His tool “predicts the timing of upcoming share events and their positive or negative price effects.”

The Jasenovac concentration camp, established in Slavonia, aka “the Auschwitz of the Balkans”, “specialized in one-on-one violence of a particularly brutal kind” and prisoners were primarily murdered manually with the use of blunt objects such as knives, hammers and axes. In the words of the Nazi general, von Horstenau, “The greatest of all evils must be Jasenovac, which no ordinary mortal can glimpse.” It was run by Catholics.

There’s nothing worse than having a Finicky Anus aka Lucius Annius Vinicianus. According to Josephus, Vinicianus was one of the main conspirators. As we’ll see, Vinicianus was a long history of conspiring against the Julio-Claudians – he was complicit in conspiracies to overthrow Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius. And his sons tried to overthrow Nero. The assassination of Caligula was planned to happen during the celebration of the Palatine games because Caligula had announced that he would be moving to Alexandria – perhaps permanently – the following day.

This week we have a 100 minute premium episode answering all of your excellent questions about subjects such as:

– banks and sentiment

– AQG / SSR merger

– Stanmore Coal acquisition offer

– Buying more when the price drops below the buy line

– Using a 5 yr/weekly chart to help fine tune your trend lines

– using the checklist to score LICs

– holding back on the retail sector

– thoughts about oil glut and prices affecting Oil/Coal companies 

– During times of volatility (like GFC or dot com bust) did Tony notice a similar increase in buy/sell? 

– How Tony stages his entry into a position

– How he regression test the results/model

– The buy line for OSH

– SFC sell price and recent update on their financials

– How does Tony decides what percentage of his capital to invest when he BUY stocks such as MQG

– How to analyse the TGP graph

– Why the TRS, WPL and MQG charts are different

– and Tony also introduces his new magic 3PTL maths.

We continue talking about the life and art of Sandro Botticelli. We go deep on his paintings of The Adoration of the Magi, and the first of his pagan masterpieces, the Primavera.

The final conspiracy against Caligula involved Cassius Chaerea, an officer of the Praetorian Guard; Callistus, Caligula’s wealthy freedman adviser; and the senator Lucius Annius Vinicianus. Over the next three episodes, we’ll explore whether or not the conspiracy was about getting rid of Caligula because he was batshit crazy – or because they wanted to restore the Republic.

In 1941, after the creation of the NDH, Ante Pavelić, the leader of the Catholic fascist Ustasha, went to Rome to receive the blessing of Pope Pius XII – while his administration was publicly saying they were going to kill a third of the Croatian Orthodox. Throughout the spring and early summer of 1941 Roman Catholic priests, attended by armed Ustasha, carried out mass baptisms in Orthodox villages. But the ones who were only baptised were lucky. This is when the mass slaughter of Orthodox Christians, by Catholics, began. The German Plenipotentiary General to the NDH, the historian Glaise von Horstenau, wrote in June that ‘according to reliable reports from countless German military and civilian observers during the last few weeks, in country and town, the Ustasha have gone raging mad’. WARNING: Gird your loins for this episode. It gets pretty graphic.

Nicholas Gruen is an economist, entrepreneur and commentator. He is CEO of Lateral Economics. He spoke to us recently about Modern Monetary Theory and the short-term future of the Australian economy.

Tony talks about some of his recent “musings” regarding bank stocks and comparing the results of his analysis of using Stock Doctor filters versus our three-point trend lines. Then we talk about his reasons for our recent portfolio buys and sells.

Today we start telling the story of the Independent State of Croatia, or NDH, lead by Ante Pavelić, and his Catholic fascist group, the Ustasha, after Hitler invaded and broke up the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941. The built concentration camps to house and execute Jews, Roma – and, mostly, Orthodox Christians. Their stated policy towards the roughly two million Orthodox Christians in the NDH was to ‘convert a third, expel a third and kill a third’. They were so brutal, they even disgusted the Nazis.

Renaissance podcast 89 - the great Sandro Botticelli.

During Lorenzo de Medici’s life, no fewer than three of the outstanding artists of the Renaissance are thought to have spent at least a brief formative period of their early lives in the Palazzo Medici: Leonardo and Michelangelo and the one we’re going to talk about for the next few episodes – the great Sandro Botticelli.

Alex Hay is a partner at broking firm EL&C Baillieu. He has been Tony’s stock broker for 25+ years. Alex joined us recently to chat about the services firms like his provide, his relationship with Tony, and what he thinks might happen in the market over the next 6-12 months.

We talk about the recent Berkshire Hathaway AGM, Tony “muses” about buying NAB without waiting for positive sentiment (shock! horror!), discusses some new theories about using Stock Doctor filters, and then he answers a ton of your questions about – pyramiding – whether or not Tony ever sets a margin where he always cashes in the profit – how to calculate  the intrinsic value of each of the top 20 stocks – and a heap of questions about drawing three-point trend lines.