When King Manuel of Portugal evicted the Jews in 1497, he didn’t actually want them to leave. He wanted them to convert to Christianity. When, instead, they chose to leave, he tried to stop them – by seizing their children and forcibly converting them. Rather than see their children raised as Christians, many Jews killed their own kids and then committed suicide. The Jews who did convert didn’t get it any easier, either. As in Spain, they were subjected to violence and then, finally, the Inquisition came to Portugal. It’s just your basic Christian terrorism.

We’re joined by two young value investors, Jackson Lee and Ricky Yeo from the Sydney Superinvestors meetup, who talk about how they manage their portfolios and what they consider to be their hot tips of good value stocks.

On this episode, we get into the conspiracies about 5G and the coronavirus – which may have started with Dr. Kris Van Kerckhoven (a Mormon) – then got connected to the new £20 note in the UK – then disgraced American physician, Thomas Cowan, talked about it at a pseudo-science conference – then there was the correlation is causation theory.

Today we answer your questions about why we’re buying back into the market even though Tony has doubts over the recovery – how we account for the quality of management in our analysis – how much attention Tony pays to volume of shares traded – Stock Doctor’s “Price to Cashflow” and “Price to NTA” filters – how to calculate three-point trend line sell signals – how the checklist weights ‘quality’ vs ‘value’ metrics – how patient Tony is with a stock if it drops soon after he buys it (versus “you breach you gone”) – Stock Doctor’s diluted weighted no. of ordinary shares vs ‘Fully Paid Ord. Shares’ – HAW’s future cash flow – Milton Corporation’s conference call – and how to go about setting up a brand new portfolio.

As caretaker secretary of the Yugoslav Party from 1937 to 1940, Tito first moved the Central Committee from Paris to Zagreb, then built up a new, young leadership loyal to him. These guys would be his inner circle for decades to come. When, in February 1941, the Yugoslav regent Prince Paul did a deal with Hitler to avoid an invasion of Yugoslavia, the Serbian Orthodox went nuts and overthrew Paul’s government, installed 18 year old King Peter, tore up the pact with Germany, and destroyed the Gestapo HQ in Belgrade. Hitler, unsurprisingly, did not take this well.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about 5G – it gives you cancer, autism, changes your DNA, and gives you coronavirus! So in this episode, we look into the 5G conspiracies as well as the technology itself and the geopolitical battles going on around it.

Chris Tate from Talking Trading and The Trading Game joins us today to talk about his approach to investing, futures trading and turtle trading. Then we answer some listener questions about whether or not the market has priced in the coming economic carnage.

Back to Tito and Yugoslavia. In 1934, the Croat Catholics rose up against the Serb King Alexander, leading to his assassination by a Ustasha agent while visiting France. Meanwhile Stalin purged the leadership of the Yugoslav Communist Party, opening the door to a new generation of younger, more radical leadership, with Tito becoming the General Secretary. While living in Paris, he loved to visit to graves of the original “dictatorship of the proletariat” – the Paris Communards, who took power briefly in 1871, before being executed en masse by the French government.

This episode starts with a correction about the skin colour of the Moors, brought to you by our Moroccan listener Mohamed.

Then, to set the scene for this episode, we have a special song – “The Alhambra Decree” by legendary contemporary folk singer-songwriter David Rovics. Crazy coincidence – I’ve been a fan of David’s work for 15 years and have been on his mailing list forever. And the same week I happened to be preparing this episode, I saw his latest email that contained this song. So I reached out and he was nice enough to give me permission to use this track.

So what was the Alhambra Decree? It was the 1492 decision, by Isabella and Ferdinand, after they concluded their war with the last remaining Muslim region of Granada, that all of the Jews were to be banished from Spain. But did they really want to banish them? Or just give them an added incentive to convert to Christianity? And why would anyone want to convert to Christianity after the hell the Inquisition had just put the conversos through?

Some gave in under pressure and converted – some stuck to their guns and migrated to Portugal, whose King promised them refuge. Which was great – until the King of Portugal decided he wanted to marry the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about the idea that China withheld information about COVID-19 from the global community and punished their own whistleblowers. Today we look at the evidence to support those theories (or lack thereof).

At times like of crisis like this, even more than usual, it’s important to be have a fact-based mindset and not take the easy route into confirmation bias.

But if I *was* going to point the finger at anyone for the virus, it would be THIS guy.

How are Australia’s two million small businesses coping with the lockdown? Is the government stimulus helping? What will happen to them on the other side of the crisis? To help us get our heads around these questions, we’re joined today by Kane Kelfkens, owner of The Family Jewels, a jewellery business with several outlets in Sydney.

Then we answer some of your investing questions, about dollar cost averaging, the possibility of a US currency devaluation, the best sources to find stocks, and whether or not Tony sells his entire holding or just a part of it when it breaches the downwards three-point trend line.

Caligula got back to Rome around May 40 but stayed outside of the city until he could celebrate his ovation on his 28th birthday, 31 August. In the meantime he met with delegations from various parts of the world, including Philo’s delegation from Alexandria, and Herod Antipas and his wife, Herodias, from Judaea. Conspiracies against him are everywhere.

My guest today is Archie Brown, emeritus professor of politics at the University of Oxford and an emeritus fellow of St Antony’s College, Oxford, where he served as a professor of politics and director of St Antony’s Russian and East European Centre. He has written widely on Soviet and Russian politics, on communist politics more generally, on the Cold War, and on political leadership. His new book is The Human Factor, about the end of the Cold War.

Mark Jones is an old friend of Cameron’s, CEO of Sydney PR and marketing firm Filtered Media, and author of the new book about corporate storytelling, “Beliefonomics“. Tony and Cameron caught up with him in Sydney recently for a chat.

When the Inquisition came to your town, they would grant you 30 days to confess to being a heretic. This was known as the “Edicts Of Grace”. If you confessed, you might get a hefty fine, but at least you wouldn’t end up in prison or burned at the stake. Of course, many conversos decided it was the smart move to confess – whether they actually were a crytpo-Jew or not.

Tony walks us through his decision to buy some STO shares last week (as per the email we sent to QAV Club members on Friday).

Tony then answers some member questions about Stanmore Coal, how listed investment vehicles lend themselves to QAV analysis, the KMT rights issue, and Roger Montgomery’s recent article.

Part 3 of our rebooted getting started podcasts. This picks up where episode 303 left off, halfway through the QAV checklist.