Where Are The Podcasts?

After 8 years of providing you with great content, the TPN servers went dark on 19 June 2012, as a result of my inability to continue to pay for the server farm. Unfortunately, that means most of the TPN shows have permanently gone to podcast valhalla.

However – I was able to archive a few shows:

As for the rest – I suggest to google the name of the show or the host and hope they have their own personal archives. Cranky Middle Manager has also gone to a new home and I will link to it asap.

Thanks for all of your support and suggestions over the last 8 years.

Keep moving forwards.


Cameron Reilly

[email protected]


26 thoughts on “Where Are The Podcasts?

  1. Gavin says:

    Wow sad news. Such a shame that such a great website that has given me so much entertainment and education has gone. Hope to see it back in its full glory one day. Anyway thanks Cameron you’ve done a great job.

    • Paul says:

      When times where hard I tuned into to the napoleon podcast and I lost my self in napoleons problems. Each day in comparison my problems seemed insignificant. It was camerons work and passion that made me and my company a sucess. I ve noted correspondence from all over the world. Your work, the world listened, we learnt about your struggles. Your heroes didnt give up. I just found your ceaser podcast, is it still there.

      Paul, Wicklow, ireland

  2. Koosie says:

    Gavin is absolutely correct. If indeed, as seems to be announced above, most of TPN’s content has been irrevocably erased, then the internet has just become a marginally less progressive force. This grieves me almost as much as the realisation that I’ve arrived so ridiculously late to the party that I am, as usual, bewildered, alone and unable to complete the Napoleon story in podcast form, that has provided such a welcome antidote to my well-worn copy of Frank McLynn’s bizarre freudian hatchet-job of a biography of the Emperor.

    It is my fervant hope that you find the resources, both from within and without, to cause your own Empire to rise again and provide some much-needed illumination to a civilisation over which dark clouds increasingly seem to hang.

  3. James says:

    Just want to say thank you Mr Cameron Reilly for all the wonderful knowledge and information you have hosted, it will be greatly missed. All the best!

  4. Kodo says:

    Does that mean i can throw out all those TPN shirts i have :P

    Thanks for some great years in podcasting and good luck with your book.

  5. Daniel Pi says:

    Much distressed to hear about the demise of TPN. Some of my most enjoyable hours were spent listening to you and Markham. Onward and upward, Cameron!

  6. Alex Fenson says:

    So so so sad but glad you’re still putting out your own podcasts Cameron and I’l still subscribed via iTunes.

    Things change, life moves on and hey, from the sound of it you’re happy and doing what you want and doing what you like.

    Thanks for the years of entertainment that the Podcast Network brought us and here’s to the next stage of your podcasting and blogging endeavours!

    Regards to you and Chrissy.



  7. Sad to hear, we podcasters need as many outlets as possible. Good to see some of the podcasts survived the fall though.

  8. Julian says:

    What a shame! I really enjoyed listening to the Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast and the No Illusion podcast as well. They both changed my mind on many things.

    Good luck with the book though!

  9. Cameron, I remember the first G’Day World at the time and sad to hear TPN is no more. Good luck with your current projects.

  10. What’s happening here. The more podcasts the better

  11. Adam Ford says:

    Mate, there were some really great podcasts in your collection, and you were a great host! I remember downloading and listening to a heap of the futurist ones while wandering about the forests of Thailand.
    They really made me think!

    Sad to see it go.

    Thanks heaps for doing them over all these years!

    -Adam Ford

  12. EE says:

    How can we get a contact list for all of the podcast creators? How can we find them again?

  13. Sad to hear! I missed the original G’Day World format. I still think of TPN everytime I see the Old AFL Podcast host, Pete Lazer doing MC work at sporting events!

    • cameron says:

      Wow Molly, that’s weird. I was just thinking about you yesterday! Hope you’re well. Glad to hear Pete’s doing well, too.

  14. Kevin says:

    Just ran across this sad news. I really enjoyed the Napoleon podcasts, and I recommend them to my European history students. Glad to hear that they are still available – a silver lining.

    Good luck, and thanks again!

  15. Greg says:

    I’m a little late to the party as I just discovered the Napoleon podcast in the last couple of weeks, but wanted to say I have much I have enjoyed listening to and learning from the podcasts. I was sad to see this site closed down and wish you luck in whatever you’re doing now. Thanks for continuing to make the Napoleon podcast available

  16. Peter Murray says:

    Cameron, wonderful Napoleon series and now Caesar series. As a retired businessman may I offer a tip? You have established your reputation so should make a quid. $2 per episode for 30,000 listeners would present a nice tax problem! Sure, you will lose some listeners but if only 20% pay and 80% go, that would be OK. Do your sums mate. You are worth it! No charge for the tip, but if I could do what you do I would charge say, $20 for 10 episodes. Thanks for your work. You are gifted.

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